Program Overview

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Our fabulous performing arts program features expert instruction and exposure to disciplines such as vocal music, drama, dance, performance, costume and set design. Each participant is provided with the opportunity not only to build skills related to performance, but also for growth in important areas like confidence and self-esteem. Participants experience the thrill of a mini Broadway-style show in a fun and stimulating environment; they audition, rehearse and finish with a polished performance where they experience a real theatre with professional staging, lighting, sound, and costumes in front of a live audience.

Zodiactors’ professional staff members are sensitive to the self-esteem of each participant and the importance of each and every role is emphasized equally. Staff will provide individualized attention throughout the season, including small group workshops and rehearsals. Zodiactors is a great experience that will give your child memories for a lifetime!

Our Experienced Staff….

Angela Williams is Zodiactors’ vibrant and energetic Artistic Director, as well as being the Director of the Groove School of Dance. She heads up a dynamic team of Zodiactor musical directors and counsellors. Each Zodiactors’ team provides the kind of quality, individualized and professional experience that every Zodiactor wants and deserves!

Program Details (Times, Dates, Locations & Fees)….

Specific program details are available here.

Tickets for the final performance are available for sale once the program is underway. Proceeds from ticket sales are used to cover production costs associated with the show, such as theatre rental, lighting and sound, sets and props, and of course, treats for the kids!

Why we do what we do (and why we love doing it!).…

Zodiactors was launched over a decade ago to meet the demand for a professional and realistic yet fun and nurturing, theatre experience. We look forward to working with children between 6 and 13 years of age (Grades 1 through 7), many of whom are already familiar with Zodiac Day Camp/ Camp Tamarack and Groove School of Dance. Many participants have become veterans of the Zodiactors program, returning with excitement from season to season!