Zodiac Parent and Tot Program

Swimming Lessons In Toronto Ontario


The Zodiac Tot program is broken up into three different age groups:

Zodiac Baby Tot – Parent and Tot for swimmers who are 3 to 12 months old;
Zodiac Tweener Tot – Parent and Tot for swimmers who are 12 to 24 months old; and
Zodiac Senior Tot – Parent and Tot for swimmers who are 2 to 3.5 years old

The Zodiac Tot program is designed for swimmers with their caregivers. The program provides a fun and exciting introduction to the aquatic environment and focuses on exploration, water safety, personal development and individual progress.

Each Zodiac Tot class is structured to include enthusiastic play and songs, interactive circle time and incorporates basic skill development through the use of creative and stimulating pool equipment to enhance learning in a creative environment! Skills explored include experiencing different ways to move through the water, hand-eye co-ordination, jumps, floats, glides, blast-offs, roll-overs, breath control and submersion.

Emphasis is placed on promoting independence and self-safety in, on and around the water. Jumping in (sitting) followed by rolling over are practiced each week to build strength and confidence. PFDs (personal floatation devices, including infant lifejackets) are introduced and used to enhance kicking and buoyancy skills. The swimmers wearing their PFDs will have an opportunity to sit in an inflatable boat simulating a boating experience.

Caregivers are the main facilitators throughout each lesson while an experienced Zodiac Tot instructor leads the class and ensures that the individual needs of each child are addressed. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion of each session. Performance is not evaluated (in Zodiac Senior Tot participants will start working on the skills in the first levels of the Zodiac Learn to Swim program).

Swimming Lessons In Toronto Ontario

Mini Private Lesson (for swimmers who are 2 years old and older)

Our Mini Private Lesson is a 15-minute, one-to-one (private) lesson that can be used as a transitional class from Parent and Tot to group lessons without a caregiver. Toddlers who have been introduced to the aquatic environment through Zodiac Tot’s program and who are ready to be independent of a caregiver, are able to continue developing skills, building trust with the instructor in preparation for group lessons. Swimmers will work on Zodiac Swim 1 (and higher) standards in the class and receive a Zodiac Progress card at the end of the session.