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Read the Policies & FAQs section to learn about Zodiac’s approach, policies and programs; and

Please note the following policies regarding the registration process:

  • Waitlist – You may register online to be placed on the waitlist. Zodiac reviews the waitlists on a regular basis and we will contact you should anything become available to accommodate your family;
  • Phone Registration – Although we encourage all participants to use the online system, Zodiac will accept registration over the telephone once you have registered for a program online already that year (Fall-Summer); however, you will be providing account information such as email address and credit card information. Please note that while you may be informed that a space is available during a conversation, the space will NOT be held for you. It may have also been offered to other inquiring clients and may have filled by the time you register.
  • Holding Spots – Zodiac DOES NOT hold spots under any circumstances.

Zodiac offers the following discounts to our swimmers. You will require a discount code to be used during online registration to receive these discounts. They cannot be applied after the registration has been processed. These codes are emailed to existing qualifying clients or can be provided by calling the office and confirming you qualify.

Zodiac “Camp” Discount

A current Zodiac Day Camp camper is entitled to a 5% Camp Discount off the total fee for that child’s Fall, Winter, Spring and/or Summer Zodiac Swim School program (there is no discount for a sibling unless the sibling is also a current Zodiac Camp camper). The reverse is also true… Zodiac Swim School students (registered in Fall, Winter, Spring and/or Summer) will get a Zodiac Day Camp discount.

Toronto French School (TFS) Student Discount

Each current TFS student attending TFS on a full-time basis is entitled to a 5% TFS Discount off the total Zodiac fee for that child’s Fall, Winter, Spring and/or Summer Zodiac Swim School program session.

Havergal College (HAV) Student Discount

Each current Havergal student attending Havergal on a full-time basis is entitled to a 5% Havergal Discount off the total Zodiac fee for that child’s Fall, Winter, Spring and/or Summer Zodiac Swim School program session.

1st Time Zodiac Swimmer Discount

As a welcome to Zodiac, each new Zodiac Swim School student is entitled to a one-time discount of $10.00 off the total fee in the first full Zodiac swim session (i.e. Fall) in which the student is registered.

Zodiac Multi-Swimmer/Same Session Discount

If your family is registering more than one swimmer for the same swim school session or one family member for more than one swim program in the same session (i.e. Fall), each swimmer registered for the same session is entitled to a $5.00 Multi-Swimmer/Same Session Discount for each such session.

Gift Certificates

Original copy of any Gift Certificate must be presented at time of registration. This cannot be done through online registration

  • NO discounts and/or gift certificates can be applied to Adult Swim Registration, Leadership & First Aid Courses and/or Recertification Courses.
  • Zodiac Swim School credits CANNOT be used toward Zodiac Day Camp or Zodiactors registrations.
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Families may register for Fall, Winter and/or Spring session at the same time (this is strongly encouraged to increase your chances of reserving your preferred timeslot). If registering for more than one session, full payment may be made for all sessions at the time of registration or must be made for the first session and a $50.00 deposit paid with credit card authorization for remaining payment or post-dated cheque(s) if applicable for the subsequent sessions due as follows:

  • Winter Payment is due/will be processed on November 15th
  • Spring payment is due/will be processed on January 15th

Please note: It is the client’s responsibility to provide Zodiac Swim School with up to date payment information prior to the November 15, and January 15, balance due dates.

At Zodiac, we appreciate the participation and loyalty of all current Zodiac families and we welcome new families. We make every effort to offer a wide range of program options while upholding the quality and individual attention that is a well known part of the Zodiac experience.

Demand exceeds supply – Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all of the families who want to enroll with Zodiac in any given session. Families who register late, or those who choose to register for one session at a time may be disappointed.

Signing up for one session does not guarantee a spot in subsequent sessions – Enrolment at Zodiac is on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Current enrolment does not “roll-over” to guarantee the same spaces for the next session (i.e. current students in one session do not have priority for a particular timeslot over other registrants in subsequent sessions).

Once your registration has been processed, you will receive an emailed confirmation immediately. Please review this information carefully to ensure that it is accurate.

You must take a copy of your e-mailed confirmation to the first class of each session.

Please note: It is your responsibility to provide Zodiac Swim School with a valid e-mail address that is current and in regular use for communication and correspondence.

Printable Swim School Registration Guide