Private Lessons

Toddler Swimming Lessons Toronto Ontario

Private Lessons (30 Minutes or Longer)

Private Lessons with a 1:1 student to teacher ratio are available for those who require or prefer a smaller class size. One time private lessons can also be scheduled by request provided sufficient pool space and a suitable instructor are available.

Please contact the office for more information.

Mini Private Lesson (15 Minutes)

Mini Private Lesson is a 15-minute, one-to-one (private) lesson that can be used is as a way to extend the student’s regular weekly lesson by 15 minutes either before or after the lesson. The 15-minutes allows the student to focus on one skill or stroke to assist overcoming a challenge. If the schedule allows, you could book the mini private from the beginning of the session as a before or after extension. An alternative is to book the 15-minute mini private randomly without a set number to again focus on a specific skill, stroke or challenge. If it is mid-session and you would like to add a few Mini-Private Lessons please contact us.