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Assistant Instructors – Requires Lifesaving Assistant Instructor award. Minimum Bronze Cross or higher and Emergency First Aid with CPR-B.

Swim Instructors – Requires Red Cross Water Safety Instructor and/or Lifesaving Society Swim Instructor and/or Lifesaving Society Lifesaving Instructor certification and Standard First Aid with CPR-C. Minimum Bronze Cross or higher, NLS certification is recommended.

Lifeguards – Requires current National Lifeguard Service (NLS) and Standard First Aid with CPR-C awards. Automated External Defibrilation certification is recommended.

Click HERE to download the application for the positions mentioned above.

A Couple of Hours to Full-Time Employment

There are a lot of hours of work available through our after-school, evening and weekend programs, as well as through our day-time in-school program (at the Toronto French School). A typical shift is 2 to 5 hours in length but some employees commit to multiple shifts. We work to find a mutually workable schedule for the Swim School and the employee.


Toronto French School (Bayview & Lawrence)

Havergal College (Avenue & Lawrence)

Fern Ave (Fern & Roncesvalles)

Kensington (Bathurst & College)

  • Great experience/Resumé enhancement
  • Bringing out the best in you
  • Teaching love of the water and a critical life skill
  • Excellent training & professional development
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Guidance from supervisors/evaluations
  • Great hourly wage
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Great contacts with fellow staff
  • Demonstrating excellent communication skills and team work
  • Current qualifications
  • Professional interactions with students, parents, staff, supervisor
  • Completion of all required administrative responsibilities, including worksheets, lesson plans and report cards
  • Spending significant portions of lessons in water with students
  • Evaluating students fairly and consistently in accordance with applicable standards
  • Demonstrating excellent communication skills and team work
  • Leading group, while focusing on individuals
  • Being punctual and having good attendance
  • Successful/full attendance at all staff training sessions and meetings
  • Positively receive and act upon constructive feedback from supervisors through formal/informal evaluations
  • Act professionally, maturely and thoughtfully at all times
  • Represent Zodiac in a professional manner at all times whether or not at work
  • Ensure participants and staff are safe and healthy at all times
  • Do not bring personal items to work
  • Never smoke or use drugs or alcohol at work or in a manner that affects work responsibilities
  • Never physically, verbally or emotionally abuse a student or fellow staff member