Babysitting Course with Anaphylaxis Rescuer

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A Canadian Red Cross Program

Babysitter Training

The Babysitting Course is a Canadian Red Cross program. The course will promote the responsible management of common situations that may arise while children are under the care of babysitters. The program enables the students to demonstrate their capabilities and maturity by completing the course under the responsible direction of the instructor. Students must attend all sessions and establish a passing grade of 75 per cent on the final examination in order to receive their certificate. The course covers such topics as:                        
-Feeding a baby and changing a diaper             
-Preparing a simple meal     
-Playing games with children of all ages        
-Preventing injuries and keeping children safe
-Handling an emergency if one should happen

Anaphylaxis Rescuer

This course certifies candidates in the prevention and treatment of anaphylaxis using auto-injectors. Candidates will learn the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis reactions and learn what types of allergens can cause someone to experience anaphylaxis.

A good babysitter knows all of these things and more. Learning them can be easy and fun with the Canadian Red Cross Babysitting Course! 

As personal protective equipment (PPE) is required and evaluated in this program, a convenient Zodiac keychain that contains a face shield and gloves has been included in the course cost and will be issued to each participant along with the required text, the Babysitter Training Course Student Reference Manual. 

Prerequisite(s): 11 years of age

Course Cost: $70 incl. HST

Location Course Dates Times Activity #
HAV Sunday November 3rd 9 am – 5:45 pm Cancelled
HAV Sunday April 5th 9 am – 5:45 pm Cancelled
HAV Sunday June 7th 9 am – 5:45 pm Cancelled