• What procedures does Zodiac put into place when hiring and training staff?
  • Bathing Caps? Will my child be required to wear one?
  • What if my child has individual needs and/or medical needs?
  • Are there family change rooms at your facilities and who are they for?
  • What happens if my child has to go to the washroom during swim class?
  • Can I leave my child at the pool during swim class?
  • Can I photograph or video record my child?
  • Are there any rules about cell phone/handheld device use in the facility?
  • What to do about lost or stolen articles?
  • What is the procedure when the Fire Alarm is triggered?
  • What if I miss a lesson?
  • Can I have a refund or a credit upon cancellation?
  • Can I change or reschedule my current registration?
  • What if Zodiac initiates program cancellation due to low enrollment?
  • Can children over the age of 4 1/2 be in a 2:1 ratio class?
  • Can children under the age of 4 1/2 be in a 3:1 ratio class?
  • My child will turn 3 shortly after the session start date. Does he/she still need to do the Zodiac Tot program?
  • Does Zodiac offer private lessons?
  • Can I book a few private lessons instead of a full session?
  • Do discounts apply to all Zodiac Swim School programs?
  • If I know my child is going to miss 1 or more lessons in a session, can I prorate the fees for the session?
  • Can I request a specific instructor or a specific type of instructor?
  • Will I have the same instructor all year?
  • Tell me about the pool... Is it chlorinated or salt water? What is the average water temperature?
  • Current contact information on file - whose should it be?
  • How do I access Online Registration?

Zodiac’s main concern is always for the safety and supervision of its students and staff and we pride ourselves on having thorough policies and procedures in place to ensure the well-being of all those involved in our programs. Zodiac’s scrutiny in its hiring/employment process involves significant steps, including personal interviews, police record checks/vulnerable sector screening, ongoing supervision and evaluation and extensive staff training before and during employment, including procedures related to safety and appropriate conduct. Policies and procedures, in accordance with obligations under the Child & Family Services Act, are in place in the event that such allegations come to the attention of, or are reported to, Zodiac’s Owners/Directors. Any such allegations would immediately be reported to the Children’s Aid Society which would then, as appropriate, pursue the matter with Toronto Police Services.

Bathing caps are mandatory at -the TFS-Canada’s International School and Havergal College locations. Policy states that all Zodiac students must wear a bathing cap to enter the water at these locations. This includes all male and female students with long or short hair. Zodiac Tot participants are the only exemption to this policy; infants and toddlers and their caregivers are not required to wear a bathing cap, however long hair must be tied securely and kept out of the water. Bathing caps are available for purchase at the pool facility throughout each session at a cost of $8.00 per cap and we make every effort to have a wide selection and variety of colours available. We thank you for your co-operation.

Zodiac is deeply committed to both safety and skill development for all participants in our programs. It is our goal to work with your family to determine the best placement for your child. We have successfully integrated a wide range of individual needs into group lessons or accommodated with 1:1 private lessons. Please call the Zodiac office and speak with a representative to discuss your child’s unique needs and to assess whether Zodiac programming will meet those needs. We will also assist you with determining the best placement for your child (i.e. level, student/teacher ratio, instructor specific personality and/or characteristics that will best accommodate your child).

Once you have decided to move forward with the registration process, you will be required to complete the Individual/Medical Needs Form prior to the first class. This information is kept confidential and is communicated only to individuals who require additional details to assist in ensuring your child’s safety, well being, and success throughout the session.

A knowledgeable parent or caregiver is required to remain at the facility and within calling distance throughout your child’s lesson. Any emergency medication must be readily accessible (i.e. auto-injector, inhaler, etc.).

Zodiac reserves the right to suggest a class or ratio change if there is sufficient concern about the safety or progress of any student involved in the class.

Many of our facilities have a family change room available for use by our swimmers.

Children that are 6 years old and younger should accompany their parent into the change room affiliated with the parent gender, even if that gender is different from the child.

Children that are 7 years of age and older should use the change room for their gender. If your swimmer requires assistance with dressing you can make use of a family change room. Please see below for details regarding the family change room at each facility:

TFS: There are 2 family change rooms available at TFS – one is for female caregivers accompanying male participants that are 7 years and older who require assistance with dressing and the second is for male caregivers accompanying female participants that are 7 years and older and who require assistance with dressing. Please note that there is no direct access to the pool from these changing areas, they do not have showers facilities or change tables located inside.

HAVERGAL: There is a change room with 3 individual cubicles located inside for use by caregivers and families with children 7 years and older and who require assistance with dressing. There are changing tables located in each cubicle and may also be used by our Zodiac Tot participants. Please note that there is no direct access to the pool from this changing area. There is a co-ed shower area available that can be accessed from the pool deck. Please do not leave personal belongings in these cubicles during your lesson time.

FERN AVENUE: There is no family change room at this site.

KENSINGTON: There is no family change room at this site. 

We encourage you to have your child use the washroom prior to his/her swim class. In the event the child who is enrolled in a swim class independent of his/her parent, has to use the washroom, the instructor will signal the guard or shift supervisor to notify the child's parent/guardian to meet the child at deck level and escort him/her to the washroom.

In the event that the parent/guardian is not present, a Zodiac staff member will escort the child to the washroom, asking that another adult also accompany the child and Zodiac staff. The Zodiac staff and other adult will remain outside any washroom stall and allow the student to independently use the washroom, wash hands, etc.

We encourage you to always have an adult/guardian present during swim class. It is imperative that you are present for the end of the class so your child is not waiting and worrying where you are. In addition, Zodiac does not have extra staff to supervise students who are waiting for a parent to arrive. If you do have to leave the pool, please notify the shift supervisor. In addition, if you have left and are running late, please call the pool office to notify us.

If you or your child is in an advanced aquatic leadership program (eg. Bronze Medallion, Cross, NLS, First Aid, etc), we do not expect a parent/guardian to remain at the pool but ask that you keep the pool number handy should you be running late and need to notify us.

In order to respect the privacy of all of our clients and staff, our facilities are strictly “No Photography or Video Taping” zones.

We understand that a swimming lesson is a special photo opportunity, especially if it is a “first”. We will work with you to schedule a personalized photo moment for your child at the end of a lesson. Please speak with your shift supervisor for more information or if you would like to set up a mutually convenient time.

To ensure the privacy and safety of all swimmers, cameras and video cameras are strictly forbidden in all changing areas.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all clients and staff, cell phones or handheld devices may not be used in any of the changing areas. Zodiac staff members have the right to ask clients to refrain from using these devices on the pool deck or in the viewing gallery at any time. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

Our priority and focus is to provide careful supervision around the pool and in the aquatic environment. Contrastingly, our changing rooms are not supervised by Zodiac staff members. Zodiac assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen articles. Please do not bring valuables to your class or program. You are encouraged to bring a lock and make use of the lockers located in the change room, where available. If you are an adult participating in a Zodiac Tot class or an adult swim lesson, you are welcome to bring your purse, wallet, keys, etc. onto the deck at your own discretion. Zodiac cannot store these items in the pool office and does not assume responsibility for supervision of these personal items.

Lost & Found items are collected at the end of each shift and placed in the facility Lost & Found bin. Zodiac is not responsible for retrieving Lost & Found items. You are welcome to check Lost & Found bins during Zodiac programming. Any jewelry, keys, phones and/or wallets that are found will be kept in the pool office.

Please Note: All unclaimed Lost & Found items will be donated to a local charity at the end of each month. If you have lost an item, please check the designated Lost & Found area at the earliest opportunity. Please approach your shift supervisor if you require assistance locating the designated Lost & Found area in your facility.

Our clients are reminded that all patrons must immediately evacuate the facility in the event of the fire alarm sounding. Once the alarm is triggered evacuation procedures are immediately put into action regardless of any unique or unusual circumstances that may apply (i.e. you witnessed someone pulling a false alarm).

All swimmers and spectators on the pool deck will be provided with solar blankets and emergency footwear and they will be directed to exit though the emergency exit doors located on the pool deck to wait in a designated waiting location.

Any client in the change room or in the hallway at the time of the alarm may choose to vacate the facility independently (provided it is safe to do so) or they may accompany Zodiac staff to the designated waiting location.

Parents and caregivers are reminded that it is your responsibility to supervise your child(ren) at all times in the facility other than the time spent in his or her Zodiac class with a Zodiac staff member. Should your child be responsible for pulling a false alarm, please be aware that you will be held responsible for payment of any fees associated with fire personnel and fire trucks dispatched to attend the site.

No make-up lesson or other financial credit/refund will be available in connection with a missed lesson (except in special circumstances where cancellation of the lesson is initiated by Zodiac; for example, in the event of a pool fouling).

At Zodiac, we recognize that plans may change and you may need to withdraw your child from a Zodiac swim program. As such,

  • If written notice is received before the date of the third lesson of the session in question, a monetary refund will be available for any remaining lessons, minus the applicable administrative fee.
  • If written notice is received after the date of the third lesson of the session in question, only a credit will be available for any remaining lessons, minus the applicable administrative fee.

Permanent changes to your regularly scheduled class time involve significant time and administrative effort, and may leave a previously filled space vacant. We make every effort to accommodate our clients and we understand that schedule conflicts do arise on occasion. We do our best to work with you to find an alternate class that will work with your new schedule requirements but don’t forget that registration is ongoing for the full year and availability may be limited at the time of your written request.

We are pleased to let you know that there will be no charge for the first class change per student per session. Any subsequent changes per student per session will be subject to a change fee of $15.00 per student per change per session. Change requests must be provided in writing and there is no guarantee that a requested change can be accommodated.

If there is insufficient enrollment for a particular program, the program in question may be cancelled by Zodiac in its sole discretion. Zodiac makes every effort to balance providing your family with sufficient notice of cancellation while avoiding premature cancellation of a potentially viable program. Program cancellation may occur up to 24 hours prior to the program start date. If a program is cancelled and we are unable to arrange a convenient alternative, Zodiac will provide your family with a full refund.

Children, who are older than 4½ years old are automatically placed in a class with a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio (dependent on level). If you would like to request that your child be placed in a class with a 2:1 ratio, the following conditions must be met:

  • There must be sufficient pool space available at an agreeable timeslot.
  • You must co-ordinate with a second child working at the same level who is also interested in a 2:1 class. Zodiac does not provide any type of ‘match-up’ service.
  • You must pay the appropriate 2:1 ratio fee.

If these conditions are met, please contact the Swim Administrator at (416) 789-1989 X 151 to make these arrangements.

Children who are between the ages of 3 years to 4 ½ years old are automatically placed in a class with a 2:1 ratio. This designation is based on the age of your child and he or she is not eligible for a 3:1 ratio class until the age of 4½ years. Certain exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis and at the discretion of the Swim School in cases where the level achieved is higher than levels that are offered as a 2:1 ratio.

Children must turn 3 before the beginning of the session to be eligible for enrollment in a 2:1 ratio classes. Our policy is firm that children who are younger than 3 years old before the starting date must remain in the Zodiac Tot class or begin in a Mini Private class because our experience shows that virtually all children under 3 require this level of supervision. Mini Private is a one-to-one program designed for children 2 years of age and up who have been introduced to the aquatic environment through Zodiac Tot, and are ready to continue developing skills in the Zodiac Preschool 1 level without the direct assistance of their caregivers.

While our semi-private classes are safe and effective, we do offer private lessons with a 1:1 student to teacher ratio for those who require or prefer a smaller class size. Private lesson can be scheduled by request provided sufficient pool space and a suitable instructor are available.

We are also pleased to offer periodic blocks of one-time private lessons throughout the year to assist swimmers who are struggling with a particular skill. These lessons allow for intensive practice and focus specifically on skills that have presented a challenge within regular group lessons. Notification about upcoming dates is communicated to our clients via e-mail.

A few private lessons booked during a session can only be arranged if sufficient pool time, space and an appropriate instructor are available. Please contact the office for more information.

The multiple swimmer, first time swimmer, TFS/HAVERGAL student discounts and Zodiac Camper discount apply to our regular children’s swim programs from Zodiac Tot through to Bronze Star.

Discounts cannot be applied to Adult Swim Classes, Aquatic Leadership, First Aid, or Recertification Courses, Private Backyard Lessons and Single or Mini-session Private Lessons.

Registration and payment in full for the session in its entirety are due at the time of registration. Exceptions are only applicable in the case of late registration (i.e. registrations that are received and processed after a session is underway).

Absolutely! You are welcome to request a preferred instructor by name; this can be done at the time of registration or you can e-mail the office at anytime throughout the year to add the request. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the requested instructor will be available for your child’s class. If we are unable to accommodate your request, we will make every effort to select an instructor with a similar personality and teaching style.

Due to the complexities of scheduling and staffing in combination with your families potential schedule alterations, Zodiac unfortunately cannot guarantee that your child will have the same instructor for all sessions. Our staff members commit on a session-by-session basis to accommodate changes to their own schedules. You are encouraged to submit a request for a preferred instructor and we will assign instructors accordingly wherever possible.

The pool is chlorinated at each of our locations. The average water temperature at our pool locations is:

We encourage you to include both parents/guardians contact information on file in the Zodiac Swim School student/family profile. This way we can communicate and share information with all members of the family to avoid any lack of information, reporting, updates, etc. Please log into your Active Net account and update this information at your earliest opportunity.

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