Day Camp - Staff FAQs

  • How should I apply?
  • When should I apply?
  • Will I get an interview?
  • What wages can I earn?
  • When am I paid?
  • What hours/time can I work?
  • How old are most staff?
  • Are there any days where staff are required to stay late?
  • What is Pre-Camp training?

Please complete and submit our Zodiac Day Camp staff application. Click Here.

Zodiac Day Camp begins to accept staff applications for its summer program as early as October prior to the next summer. Applications are accepted up to and during the summer as some positions may be available closer to the time of camp in some cases.

If your staff application is filled out completely, thoroughly and thoughtfully, you are most likely to be invited to an in-person or Skype interview (provided we are still hiring). Subsequent to the interview, if a mutual interest exists, references will be checked and, if the applicant meets the needs of an available job, an offer of employment will be made.

Zodiac Day Camp’s salaries are paid in a lump sum (not an hourly wage) and are based on age, school year, qualifications, type of position, length of contract etc… Please note that day camps are exempted from paying minimum wage due to providing young people with leadership opportunities, and experiences.

Zodiac Day Camp’s staff salary is split up in most cases with two-thirds as a base salary and one-third as a completion bonus. One half of the base salary is paid on July 31st and the other half of the base salary, together with the completion bonus, is paid one week after the completion of the summer camp season.

Zodiac Day Camp’s seasonal employment is usually for the full 8-week July/August camp season (primarily Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:45pm). Shorter contracts 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 weeks are available in certain cases

Most staff range in age between 16 and 30 years of age. Some older staff are employed in regular or supervisory positions.

All staff are required to stay late once a week for a weekly staff meeting which will wrap-up by 6:00pm. Scheduled staff socials are planned to start after staff meetings. Staff socials are completely optional to attend, but are a ton of fun!

All staff must attend a multi-day orientation and training, held over 3 days prior to the start of camp. Pre-camp training provides an opportunity for staff members to get acquainted with each other, get to know the campsite and facilities, to learn camp policies, procedures, and leadership skills, as well as to become acquainted with Zodiac’s programs and activities.

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