Arts Stream - Art-astic Expression

For campers entering grades 2 through 7 in September

Our unique, specialized Arts programs will allow campers to express their individuality, use their imagination and appreciate their senses through various creative outlets in one of five Arts Specialties (see below). Art-astic Expression campers will have 3 specialty periods each day along with a daily swim lesson, a Zodiactivity period and a cabin choice period.

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Our Facilities:

Leo Baeck’s facilities include a beautiful, carpeted theatre and stage space, recording studio, music and drama studio, fully stocked art room and cooking studio.


All equipment and supplies will be provided by the Camp. Where applicable, a material fee has been incorporated into the cost to cover special equipment, materials, and take-homes.

FREE Taste of Tamarack Overnight Camp Opportunities!

Specialty campers entering grades 2 through 5 in September are eligible to attend a free “Taste of Tamarack” Day Trip AND/OR a free 3-day, 2-night Mini-Acorn overnight camp weekend experience at Camp Tamarack. Click here for more information.

The 5 Arts Specialties (including session(s) when offered) include:

Creative Arts - Imagine It, Create It...(Session 1)

The Creative Arts specialty is an exciting combination for our campers interested artistic and culinary expression. Campers will split their specialty time between the art room and the coking studio creating beautiful art projects and edible creations. Our experts will unleash each camper’s imagination and creativity to develop individual design sense through hands-on activities. Our Creative Arts curriculum will allow campers to express their inner selves through new and exciting art projects spanning several media. Our culinary curriculum will include kitchen safety and etiquette, reading recipes and trying new cooking techniques, which will culminate in an end-of-week camper social to try all of their creations – don’t worry, campers will bring some home for the family to try too!

Edible Arts – Culinary Creations! (Session 7)

NEW for Summer 2020, the Edible Arts specialty will introduce campers to bakery, confectionery and decorating skills in a safe and encouraging environment using our on-site state-of-the-art cooking studio. Campers will make all of their edible creations from scratch while learning to measure, mix and modify recipes. Campers will learn the science of baking while preparing and baking a variety of pastries, cookies and cupcakes all while topping these delicacies off with beautiful icing and fondant designs, turning them into edible art!

Pottery Plus - Wheely Amazing Claytime! (Sessions 3 & 5)

Zodiac is once again partnering with Artistic Way (“AW”)to offer our popular pottery program. AW’s experienced instructors will introduce campers to the enriching world of art and self-expression through a variety of media. The program will focus on both contemporary and traditional art-making practices, while using a wide variety of materials and techniques, including: pottery painting, sculpting with clay, using a pottery wheel, print making and Spolvero (Italian 13th century pottery decoration technique). Campers will make exciting connections between art, culture, and ideas, while emphasizing self-expression, allowing our young artists to discover and play.

Dance – Step By Step…. (Sessions 2 & 8)

Our Dance program offers a positive environment to explore dance and movement with an emphasis on skill development, self-expression and FUN! Campers will grow at their own pace and experience a variety of dance styles and activities that focus on movement, rhythm, music, imagination and freedom of expression. Campers will explore new choreography and have the opportunity to work collaboratively to create one-of-a-kind dance combinations. Campers have full creative freedom guided by our experienced dance team. The specialty culminates in a final performance for the camp!

Theatre Arts - A World of Expression… (Session 4)

The Theatre Arts specialty combines the theatrical camper’s favourite forms of expression and includes exposure to a wide range of dramatic arts, inspiring campers to engage their imagination, draw on inspiration, and show their true spirit. Our Theatre Arts team will teach hands-on skills and build confidence in each individual camper as they take the stage. Campers will engage in vocal, drama and set design activities with an emphasis on creative expression. Campers will develop and enhance their performance skills culminating in a camp-wide performance.

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