Adventure Challenge

Aiming High!!

Our adventure challenge experts: Zodiac Adventure Challenge team as well as various professional experts.

We are pleased to continue to offer a specialty that combines exposure to a variety of popular programs and topics including: Camping Skills, Rock Climbing, Archery, Nature Science and more! Campers will develop an even wider range of skills as they work together as a team and individually to accomplish tasks, nature explorations, and friendly adventure races in this dynamic mix of Adventure Challenge competitions. This specialty is available in Sessions 2 and 4.

Our Facilities:

The Adventure Challenge specialty program will enjoy the Camp's indoor and outdoor facilities, including our campsite’s wonderful outdoor, natural setting in Cedarvale Park as well as Zodiac’s indoor rock-climbing wall and archery range.

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All equipment and supplies will be provided by the camp.

Our Program Highlights:

  • Discover the great outdoors, camping skills, survival skills, and outdoor cooking.
  • Exposure to a range of rock-climbing moves, skills and strategies on Zodiac's multi-route and variable level rock-climbing wall.
  • Introduction to archery where campers will learn proper stance, technique and form, scoring, equipment maintenance, as well as personal challenges and fun competition.
  • Team adventures where campers will work together to accomplish fun initiative tasks, and problem solve their way to complete challenging obstacle courses and team adventure races.
  • Investigate the wonders of our world in a beautiful nature reserve
  • Individualized skill enhancement and feedback
  • Development of confidence, teamwork skills and goal setting / achievement
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