While dropping off/picking up your camper(s) is an option, we encourage parents to use our convenient Bus Depot Transportation or our Door-to-Door Bus Transportation. While Leo Baeck has wonderful facilities, the area available for cars is somewhat limited and increased use of bus transportation makes arrival and departure of campers even safer and more efficient.

Bus Depot Transportation

A significant number of convenient and accessible bus depots, both inside and outside our Door-to-Door Bus Transportation Zone, are available. Campers must be at the designated bus depot 5-10 minutes in advance of the stipulated morning pick-up time. The bus cannot wait for latecomers in the morning (late parents will have to drive their campers to camp). Similarly, parents should arrive early to the depot in the afternoon as the bus cannot wait for those picking up campers at the end of the day and will meet late parents at the last route stop. (Bus depot transportation, depending on location, will involve pick-up sometime between 7:40am and 8:30am).

Our convenient and accessible bus depots are as follows:

  • Allenby Jr. P.S
  • Bedford Park P.S.
  • Bessborough Dr E. P.S
  • Blythwood Jr. P.S.
  • Denlow P.S.
  • Dublin Heights E. & M.S.
  • Forest Hill Jr. & Sr. P.S.
  • Hillcrest Community School
  • Hollywood P.S.
  • Jackman Avenue
  • John Fisher Jr. P.S.
  • John R Robertson Jr. P.S.
  • John Wanless Jr. P.S.
  • Ledbury Park E. & M.S.
  • Maurice Cody Jr. P.S.
  • Northlea E. & M.S.
  • Owen P.S.
  • Palmerston Ave Jr. P.S.
  • Riverdale C.I.
  • Rolph Road E.S.
  • Rosedale Jr. P.S.
  • Runnymede Jr. & Sr. P.S.
  • Summit Heights P.S.
  • West Preparatory Jr. P.S.
  • Whitney Jr. P.S.
  • Willowdale M.S.
York Region
  • Forest Run P.S.
  • Henderson Avenue P.S.
  • Nellie McClung P.S.
  • Rosedale Heights P.S.
  • Thornhill Woods P.S.
  • Wilshire E.S
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Door-to-Door Bus Transportation

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Safe, secure and supervised door-to-door bus transportation is available for many Zodiac families. Most of our bus routes involve trip lengths between 15 and 45 minutes each way. Please refer to the DAY CARE door-to-door bus zone (yellow zone) for day care campers and our DAY CAMP door-to-door bus zone (pink zone) for full day campers to see if you are within our zones. No door-to-door transportation will be available outside such zone or in areas that buses (in Zodiac’s discretion) cannot easily and safely enter/exit (i.e. narrow streets, etc.). Please note that we can only accommodate one address per family.

Parents will be given approximately a 15 minute “window” for both pick-up and drop-off (e.g. 8:00am to 8:15am) and the camper(s) MUST be ready at any time during this window (which may change from session to session) or the bus will depart in order to ensure the bus route schedule is maintained. Door-to-door bus transportation will not start earlier than 7:45am and most campers will be picked up after 8:00am.

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Cancellation/Availability of Bus Service

  • Any cancellation of bus transportation must be received in writing more than one week prior to the start of a session and any refund will be subject to a $15.00 administration fee per session, per camper.
  • No refund will be issued for cancellations received one week (or less) prior to the start of a session or once the session has begun.
  • Bus registration will be ongoing until May 15, 2020; after this date, bus transportation registration will only be accepted if there is availability on existing routes or at existing depots.

Family Transportation, FREE Extended Care

Zodiac is pleased to offer a safe and supervised drop-off and pick-up system at Leo Baeck for parents who wish to drive their children to and from camp (or authorize their campers to travel on their own). Please note that:

  • Early drop-off takes place between 7:45am and 8:30am
  • Regular drop-off takes place between 8:30am and 8:45am (after 8:45am, you must bring your camper to the Camp Office to sign in).
  • Regular pick-up takes place between 4:00pm and 4:30pm from the designated pick-up area
  • After 4:30pm, remaining campers will be taken to our extended care program (4:30pm until 5:45pm) (a charge per minute after 5:45pm for each camper picked up late will apply).
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