Handbooks & Forms

Camper- Parent Handbook

Our 2019 Camper-Parent Handbook and Day Care Parent Handbook will be available in May 2019!

Lunch Menu

Our Lunch Program is just one of the many great options Zodiac has to offer!

Click the image below to view a sample 2-week menu:

Emergency Allergy Alert Form

If your child has an anaphylactic allergy, please complete this form (available May 2019) which provides a personalized individual emergency response plan and submit it to the Camp Office. 


Medication Authorization Form

If your child requires the camp to administer a medication to your child, please complete and submit the Medication Authorization Form (available May 2019) detailing the medication, dosage, time of day, etc and submit it to the Camp Office.


Individual Emergency Plan

If your child has an Individual Emergency Plan for something other than an allergy (ie. epilepsy, bleeding disorder, heart condition, etc) please complete and submit the Individual Emergency Plan (available May 2019) detailing the dianoses and how we should care for your child in the event of an emergency and submit it to the Camp Office.