FREE Extended Care

  • Zodiac is pleased to offer FREE extended, supervised before and after camp care at no additional cost to our families. Campers who join us for extended care will be able to participate in a variety of active and/or quiet activities as they choose under the watchful supervision of our counsellors in the spacious double gym. It’s a great time for campers to learn to make a new style of friendship bracelet or challenge the counsellor to some one on one basketball or maybe relax and read a book to unwind from their action-filled day! Campers may arrive as early as 7:45 am and be picked up as late as 5:45 pm.

Early Morning Care

  • Campers may arrive as early as 7:45 am
  • Authorized persons dropping off children in the morning by vehicle simply enter our drop-off area at Phil White Arena, follow guidance from Zodiac staff to follow the indicated route through the arena parking lot and stop at the designated drop-off site. A Zodiac staff member will approach your car to assist your camper in exiting the vehicle with all of their belongings.
  • Some families that live close by walk to our Leo Baeck site to drop-off their campers. A Zodiac staff member will greet you at the main entrance to the camp to accompany your camper into our program.

After Camp Care

  • Campers may be picked up as late as 5:45 pm
  • At 4:30 pm, all campers who are at camp at the end of our regular pick up window will be escorted to our after camp care program.
  • Authorized persons arriving after 4:30 pm can pick campers up by parking their cars in the Phil White Arena parking lot and walking into camp to pick up their camper(s). A Zodiac staff member will greet and take your camper’s name to radio ahead to have them and all of their belongings ready for you when you arrive at the gym doors. After verifying your identity, you and your camper(s) will be on your way!
  • Late arrivals: After camp care ends promptly at 5:45 pm and families will be charged a late fee of $1.00 per minute per camper for any late camper pick-ups.
  • Note: Busing in not available for extended care.