Zodiac Philosophy

Summer Camps In Toronto Ontario

Since 1978, Zodiac has earned the confidence of thousands of families in building swimmer’s skills, self-confidence and a love of the water. The name Zodiac not only stands for quality and caring in aquatics, but also in camping due to Zodiac Day Camp, which has been around since 1998!

Directors Ellen and Rick Howard, and Danny Goodman, have taken Zodiac’s winning formula and made Zodiac Day Camp the logical destination and best alternative for your child’s summer experience. Zodiac Day Camp has a unique, challenging and fun premise that is simple and apparent in its appeal to kids and parents. We want to provide our 2.0-15.5 year old campers with a fun, exciting, memorable, age-appropriate, unparalleled summer camp experience. We offer a uniquely fun, challenging, safe and enjoyable environment. We strive not only to expose campers to an amazing blend of experiences and to develop skills, but also to build each child’s self-esteem, confidence and trust. Each camper is dealt with as an individual with unique needs and goals.

We believe...

  • Each child is unique.
  • Every child has a natural desire to learn.
  • Children learn best when they are actively involved with people, materials, ideas and events.
  • Early learning programs should provide positive and healthy environments for all children.
  • Our approach provides children with a solid foundation for life-long learning.