About Us


The name Zodiac stands for quality and caring in aquatics, camping, first aid and day care.

In 1978, Zodiac Swim School first opened its doors to the community and since that time has earned the confidence of thousands of families! Countless children and participants have gained aquatic skills, self-confidence and a love of the water through our programming.

Directors Ellen and Rick Howard took Zodiac’s winning formula in the aquatic community, together with their own extensive camping and parenting expertise, and created Zodiac Day Camp in 1998. The camp’s specialized, diverse, skill-based programming and nurturing environment quickly made us the logical destination and best alternative for your child’s swim and day camp experience.

The enactment of the Child Care and Early Years Act in 2014 opened another avenue for the growth of the Zodiac child development model. To ensure the continued inclusion of our campers under the age of 4 years old, Zodiac Day Care is excited to have opened its doors in the Summer of 2017!

Zodiac programs are based on a welcoming, unique and engaging premise that is simple and obvious in its appeal to children and parents. Zodiac consistently provides our participants with a safe, fun, exciting and memorable opportunities through experiential and age-appropriate programming. These unparalleled, play-based adventures will build your child’s self-esteem and confidence and enhance his/her personal growth and development. Zodiac views each child as an individual with unique needs and goals and strives to foster his/her growth and independence.

Rick & Ellen Howard
Zodiac Directors/Owners