Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

“Zodiac” which includes Zodiac Swim School, Zodiac Swim & Specialty Camp, and Zodiactors has always been committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information of our clients, campers, swimmers, students and staff. In 2000, the Government passed legislation to ensure the privacy of all individuals. In accordance with such legislation, the following is a summary of our privacy policy:

In order to properly service, meet the needs of and ensure the safety of our campers, swimmers, and students, we must collect certain personal information about them and their families. We do this on our application form and other such forms as:

  • Party/Special Event Contract
  • Camp Medical Form
  • Camp Equipment Rental/Material Purchase Form
  • Camp Swim Assessment Form
  • Camp Transportation Options Form
  • Lunch Registration Form
  • Kid-Vantage Lunch Order Form
  • Rock-climbing Permission Form
  • Special Needs Assessment Form
  • Other forms during the camp or swim season

All of the information gathered form the above forms, as well as information gathered from telephone or personal conversations, is stored in our files, which are secured in our locked offices and processed in a secure database with access controls.

Zodiac uses this information for the care of your campers, swimmers and/or students, as well as for statistical analysis and program development for the swim schools, camp, and related programs.

We collect personal and medical information with your full consent. Your signature on all forms acknowledges your consent.

We limit the collection of information only to that data which is necessary to assist us in providing for a safe and professionally run Zodiac camp, swim, and related programs.

We give information ONLY to those who are directly involved in providing a service to your child, or you, or, as required by law.

We do not sell or rent your family information to any company, person or organization. Even when asked for any personal information of a Zodiac family by other Zodiac families, we will not provide them with any information without first asking for consent from the family about which the information was requested.

When information is given to a service provider (a company or individual such as a Bus company) employed by Zodiac, we have made certain that the service provider and its employees have a Privacy Policy that prevents them from using the information for any other purpose than that for which they were hired.

We will retain your information to enable us to communicate with you in the future and to contact you when we feel we have new and exciting information or programs that may be of interest to you.

We retain and keep paper and related information required by government legislation for 7-18 years, under lock and key.

We strive to ensure accuracy of information in the best interest of the campers, swimmer, student and staff.

We depend on Zodiac families and staff to update any personal or medical information that may change.

We will share our privacy policy through mailings and/or on our website.

Zodiac Families are welcome to review their personal information.

We welcome any questions and concerns in review of our policy. Please call our Zodiac office to speak with our privacy officer, Rick Howard, Zodiac Director.

By this date, you have already entrusted Zodiac with a large amount of personal information about your family and your camper, swimmer and/or student. You will be asked to complete the enclosed forms or those that will be sent to you during the summer. Unless you have a concern and contact Rick Howard, Zodiac will assume that you understand that we can collect, use, disclose as necessary and store information as set out in our Privacy Policy above.

If you do not accept our Privacy Policy and decline to allow us to use your personal information or that of your camper, swimmer, or student, Zodiac may not be able to provide the care and services to make your child safe in our setting and we will need to discuss the status of your application for your camper, swimmer and/or student this season.