National Lifeguard & Standard First Aid Instructor

A Lifesaving Society Program

This course is designed to provide candidates with an understanding of the expectations and requirements to teach and deliver the Standard First Aid and National Lifeguard programs. The class room and pool sessions allow participants to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, teaching and evaluation skills.

Upon successful completion of this course, candidates will be certified NL and SFA Instructors. NL & SFA Instructors must then co-teach/examine with an experienced NL or SFA Instructor to achieve NL or SFA Examiner appointment. The number of successful co-teaches/examinations required is at the discretion of the Area Chair. A minimum of 1 full course and 1 recert course is required. The NL Examiner candidate must submit the successfully completed application for NL and SFA examiner appointment to the relevant Area Chair for consideration.

Prerequisites: National Lifeguard, Advanced Instructor, Lifesaving Instructor certification AND 18 years of age, Standard First Aid, Lifesaving Instructor OR Core Instructor Clinic.

Expected: 2 years experience instructing at Bronze level and Bronze Cross Examiner

Required Materials: Alert manual, First Aid Award Guide, & Canadian First Aid Manual

Course Cost: $450 incl. HST

Location Course Dates Times Activity #
Havergal College January 2th – 6th, 2018 Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 5 pm 25317